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The Things I've Seen People Do With and Without Food
By Debra Spector, MS, RDN, CDN

People struggle. Every day. Unfortunately, most people with eating disorders struggle internally and feel misunderstood. People in their lives can not relate to their beliefs and inner dialogue, so they quietly go through this inner struggle alone. In the course of my work in private practice since 1990, many patients have felt comfortable enough to share their personal stories and express their inner struggles.

When I decided to write about eating disorders, I took a different approach. Instead of scientific data and test cases, I gathered my patients stories together to paint a vivid and relatable picture of the patients I have had the pleasure and privilege to help. I've put together this book of collections to provide a relational feel for those who struggle so they know they're not alone. In addition, I have included 23 pieces from recovered patients, parents of recovered patients and professionals I've had the pleasure of knowing, with their permission.

I am not famous, rich, or an actress. I am a nutritional therapist, mentor, educator, business owner, mom, consultant and author of the published self-help non fiction book titled "The Things I've Seen People do With and Without Food."


What kind of eating disorders…?

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